Around late 2018, the Foundation of Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand and ACT Organic Company Limited jointly developed the ACT Cosmetic & Healthcare Products Standards (ACT C&H).

The development of these Standards are in response to the growth of organic and natural cosmetic products in domestic markets without possibility to verify their claims. It is also unfair to consumers who cannot be assured of the integrity of the products.

Requirements in these Standards are reviewed by all stakeholders including organic/natural cosmetic producers, cosmetic experts, organic producers, environmental specialists, and green shop operators. The Standards was approved by ACT Foundation’s Standard Committee and have become effective since May 2019.

Certification Body

Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT) is an independent certification body established in 1995 at the initiative of sustainable agriculture advocates led by Alternative Agriculture Network (AAN), NGOs, academics, consumer organizations, media representatives, and eco-friendly shops. In 1999, ACT completed its first organic standards and began offering certification and inspection services. It gained legal status with the registration of Foundation of Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand in 2001. In 2017, all ACT certification activities were transferred to ACT Organic Company Limited, an officially registered business formed to handle the growth of its services.
Current organic certification services include IFOAM Program, EU Program, COR Program and ACT Program.

Why ACT Organic ?

  • ACT Organic has long experiences and reputations for international organic certifications for more than 25 years. We are the pioneered certification providers for organic foods and natural/organic cosmetic products in ASEAN region.
  • ACT Organic is accredited to ISO 17065 and therefore has a trust-able inspection and certification services, recognized worldwide.
  • ACT Organic has collaborative partners with organic certification bodies in 10 Asian countries, known as “Certification Alliance (CertAll) and therefore can provide one stop services in all of these countries.
  • ACT Organic is accredited by IFOAM (IFOAM Accreditation Program) from International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS)

Forwarding with ACT C&H

Choosing to work with ACT C&H is practical ways to make the environment and the world more sustainable...

  • ACT C&H supports human and environmental-friendly product innovations
  • ACT C&H seal is an indication that your products contain natural and organic ingredients approved by the Standards and the products are correctly labelled
  • Consumers can trust ACT C&H labelled products has its ingredients checked annually